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Pattaya to Hua Hin

Before we talk about our time in Hua Hin, we made a bit of an error on our last night in Pattaya, down to bad timing! As we were making the most of our last night, we headed out for a few drinks and were surprised to find the bars down our street in darkness and without the music blaring. Dan logically worked out that there must be a power cut as Clara was clueless to what was happening! We were convinced this was the case, until half way through the night when we met our Scottish buddies in the Irish bar who informed us it was actually a drinking ban due to the government not wanting the thai locals getting too drunk and not voting in their local election the next day (don’t see this custom catching on at home!) Luckily for us, the Irish were breaking the rules and continuing to serve alcohol, which meant this was the busiest bar in Pattaya, before we went on to watch a ping pong show and then heading back to our hotel.
The next day started off with us thinking we were taking a 4 hour bus journey from Pattaya to Hua Hin, which turned out to be over 6 hours! Crammed in like sardines made it feel like it was a lot longer and we felt like real backpackers, however can’t complain too much as this only cost us £6 each, bargain!
We were expecting Hua Hin to be a small local village as we didn’t know a lot about it, and hadn’t done a lot of research but we were really pleased with what we came across. Round the corner from our hotel we found a massive modern shopping centre to rival Westfield in London, although our bubble burst when we remembered this isn’t a holiday and we could only window shop, we did push the boat out and buy an ice cream though! This centre had everything including bowling and fast food restaurants including KFC, which we took advantage of. It also had a cinema which we would have seen a film in, but none were in English and our Thai’s not quite there yet!
On the other side of our hotel it was traditionally thai with thatched roof bars and restaurants filling the streets. We found our local pub for these 4 nights on one of these streets near our hotel which provided us free pool and cheap drinks. We visited this bar every night and made friends with the locals. We were their entertainment trying to play pool (however think Dan is being a shark as always very good at it!!). Opposite this bar, we had our best meal yet at a local restaurant, including amazing tiger prawns, yum!
During one of our days in Hua Hin we decided to go to the local train station to book an overnight sleeper train as we knew we needed this for our future plans and could not book it online. We were really impressed with the local train station and just a little surprised to see a bride and groom randomly strolling down the tracks having their photos taken!
In a few days we were moving onto Cha-Am which is the next town along, thinking we were being organised and proactive we decided to barter with the tuk tuk driver who took us to the train station, to see what he could do for us regarding our transfer to Cha-Am. He offered us a really good deal which we were more then happy with, we made sure we pinned him down there and then by even giving him the hotel’s business card of where we were staying to collect us and embedding in him the day, date and time we needed collecting. We were skipping back to the hotel, extremely pleased with ourselves and our savvy for sorting this out in advance, when disaster struck. Clara pulled her phone out to discover not only had we given the tuk tuk driver the wrong days, but also a date that had passed! This goes to show how relaxed we are and don’t care what day it is! We know the important things, like when we’re tired and hungry, and at the moment that’s what matters!
So as of tomorrow we have a few more days relaxing in Cha-Am, before we heading to Vietnam, which we are really excited for, especially as we are getting a new recruit from home, our friend Charlotte! Cannot wait to see her and catch up (also excited for some proper chocolate!!).
Speak to everyone soon!
Clara and Dan xxxx