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Phi Phi and Krabi

After saying goodbye to Sal, Sam and Jode, it was time for us to catch our ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. This was only a short journey, less then two hours. Phi Phi island has no cars, motorbikes or any other vehicles on it and you can walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes. We were met at the pier by a member of staff from our hotel, who wheeled our luggage in a trolley to the Phi Phi casita hotel were we stayed for two nights. This took about ten minutes all through the quint streets full of shops, bars and restaurants. It felt longer due to the intense heat! Once we had checked in we were grateful to get to the pool and cool off! That night we wanted to see what was going on and wandered down to the beach. We soon realised that it was like a mini full moon party, with a more intimate feel. There were fire shows, such as skipping, limbo dancing and jumping though a hoop of fire! We got a drink and settled in one of the beach bars to watch what was going on. It was great free entertainment at everyone else’s expense! Once we were ready to head back, we walked along the beach and town back to our hotel.
Our hotel room was like a little cottage, very basic and small but had a lot of character and was fine for us. The pool again was small but had a really nice family feel to it and everyone got to know each other. It was there we met our new friends Charlie and Emily. Two really nice girls from High Wycombe who were also travelling around. That afternoon we went to the beach and it was like a postcard. It was practically on our doorstep and took less then 5 minutes to get to. The sea was like a bath and very calm. The shore was lined with long boats, to Dan’s delight as she loves these boats, and had a much calmer feel during the day compared to the lively night. Again everyone on the beach was friendly, possibly due to the fact it is such a small place. We were so grateful to be able to spend some time here before heading to Krabi as it was unlike any other place we had been.
Next day it was another ferry to take us to Krabi. This was an even shorter journey, just under an hour. We took a packed tuk tuk from the ferry port to our hotel and the scenery was unbelievable! Mountains and rocks formed against the greenery to produce fantastic views. It was different to what we were used to seeing while in a tuk tuk. Before reaching our hotel we saw the beachfront and the range of shops and restaurants in this resort of Ao Nang, Krabi. It had a busy feel to it but not like Phi Phi or Patong. It was more laid back. It was quite late when we arrived at the hotel so we headed straight out for dinner and to explore the area. Although we knew our funds were running low, we couldn’t resist booking a long boat tour which we were looking forward to doing. Ao Nang was busier then we expected but we were pleased about that, due to the choice of restaurants and shops.
The next day we were sunbathing around our gorgeous pool, when we were delighted to see our friends Charlie and Emily, who we met in Phi Phi, turn up and inform us that they were staying at our hotel that night. This made our day as we had recommended this hotel to them. We relaxed around the pool until dinner time as we were grateful for the standard of hotel we had, which was pretty luxurious. After dinner we headed to one of the bars with Charlie and Emily for drinks and live music, it was their only night with us in Krabi before they headed on so we made the most of it.
Our last day in Thailand had then arrived all too soon! This was also our boat trip day. This trip took us to a variety of tropical islands including Hong Island and Paradise Island amongst others and truly was an incredible trip. We had a good bunch of people on the long boat, all nationalities and were friendly and made an effort with everyone. On the trip it included several places to snorkel, some being better others. We used the trip to build our confidence with snorkelling, which was going too well until Clara got stung by something in the sea, which soon put a stop to that! We had lunch included in this trip which was very basic but a nice treat. It was a great way to spend our last day as the beauty of all the islands we visited on the trip were unbelievable. We were both knackered after this day trip, not just the sea air but having to haul ourselves on and off a long boat with no practice and this was something we did not get better doing throughout the day! At one point, we nearly lost Dan out at sea due to the stairs coming off while she was climbing down them! All part of the memories! Once back at the hotel we had an early dinner and started our most hated job of packing our rucksacks! Once this was done we headed to bed as the alarm was set for 4.30am to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur.
Our last three months in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have been too wonderful to describe, we have been so lucky that some of our family and friends have been able to share some of the memories with us as well. We are sad that we are half way through our travels, it has flown, but are excited to be hitting Oz next week! Doesn’t seem real!
Catch up with everyone in KL!
Love, Clara and Dan xxx