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We arrived in Brisbane on the greyhound (which again had no wifi or USB chargers, a complaint is heading their way!) and started to make our way to the YHA Brisbane city hostel. This was a 15 minute walk uphill and we were knackered when we reached it as had two rucksacks and a food bag between us each. The YHA is Brisbane’s newest hostel and it was very modern. All three of us checked into a 4 bed en suite dorm as we still had our friend Emily with us, and we were happy to find a clean tidy room waiting for us. We got settled as the bed linen was already done, a rare treat for us and headed out to explore.
We were staying 4 nights in Brissers, and our first night we took it easy and took a 20 minute walk into the centre to see what was going on. We found the city a little like Melbourne with lots of alfresco dining going on, but on a smaller scale. As we walked across Kurilpa bridge to the city centre and along the riverfront, we came across Brisbane’s big wheel, we made a beeline for it, determined to have a go on it. All three of us paid to go on the wheel with Clara and Emily being a bit apprehensive due to the height and Dan reassuring them. As the wheel started to gain height, Emily completely panicked and decided she had to get off. We thought she was joking at first but realised this was real when Dan had to press the emergency button to get a staff members attention! This wasn’t enough for Emily and she decided to bang against the glass cage until the wheel was stopped mid ride to let her off! We were cracking up but carried on and went round another 6 times listening to the audio commentary giving us some history on Brisbane. We then finished our wander and headed back to our hostel.
The next day was Friday and the start of the weekend, it was also Anzac Day in Oz which is similar to our Remembrance Day, but a public holiday here and most things were closed. This weekend was also a warm up to Dan’s bday the following Saturday. We used our roof top pool to sunbath in morning as the weather was really warm and then got some groceries and wine ready for our weekend. Emily cooked spaghetti bolognese for us and we had some wine with our dinner. We had planned to have an earlyish night but we didn’t want to miss out on anything. After a few drinks we made the decision that it wasn’t bed time but time to hit a few bars! Emily decided to call it a night and we hit the town in our beachwear due to the unexpected turn of events! We stayed local to our hostel and luckily found a street full of lively bars which we headed to and started chatting to the locals. This was a great start to our weekend and we were pleased we decided to go out.
Surprisingly the next day we were not struggling and in good form ready for our Saturday night out. We spent the day relaxing and getting ready to hit Brissers town that night. People we met the previous night had recommended we go to a bar in the city called down under which is primarily frequented by backpackers and attached to another hostel. We got dressed up and headed down there, on entering we weren’t too sure what to make of it as the music would not have been our choice. However this was deceiving as the Dj soon started playing songs that we loved and the atmosphere was fantastic! We were surprised to find foam shooting out from the bar on several occasions, this wasn’t too bad at all and added to the fun. The time flew, as we were busy dancing and drinking local cocktails from jam jars, and it was soon 5am! Time to grab a bite to eat and hit the sack! What a great night!
Sunday morning, the hostel was offering free pancakes which Clara had looked forward to since we arrived, but this was a no go as none of us could lift our head off the pillow that early! We spent the morning recovering in bed, poor Emily was definitely worse for wear but it was worth it! Once we had recovered, we went to find some lunch in the hogs breath cafe, which is chain similar to tgi Fridays at home, Dan’s new favourite restaurant, until that day when she had a meltdown because they didn’t give her enough chips and she got beet root in her burger! Not happy! Once we had got over that hurdle, we felt more human and we were then able to look forward to our afternoon treat we had booked. This was a football match held at Brisbane suncorp stadium, which luckily was only a 10 minute walk from where we were staying. It was the Australia semi final, and the teams playing were Brisbane roar against Melbourne victory. We started the afternoon by having a drink in the local bar next to the stadium (hair of the dog!) and we were really surprised how easily the two teams supporters mixed. There was no aggression or fights and everyone got involved supporting their team through chanting and singing. We made our way to the stadium with a group of Melbourne supporters singing and chanting as well. We were in our element! We felt slightly disloyal to Melbourne as we loved it there, but had to support our local boys, Brisbane roar! Once we got to the stadium we found out we had great seats, directly above one of the goals. Although we aren’t into sports, we felt we had to watch some sort of game in Oz due to atmosphere and tradition they have here around it. There was over 28,000 people watching in the stadium and it was brilliant. Brissers won 1 nil and made the atmosphere even more electric! Again throughout the match, we joined in with the singing, chanting and encouragement for the Brisbane team. We also felt it was fantastically organised and for that many people, did not feel claustrophobic or unsafe at any time. We were so glad we did this and it was a great ending to our weekend and our time in Brissers. Despite what we had been told about Brisbane we loved it. The fact it was a city probably helped as we both love the Aussie cities.
Monday morning, it was time to pack the rucksack again and this time head to Brissers airport to catch our flight to Prosperine airport which is the gateway to Airlie beach and the Whitsunday Islands.
We are so excited to be able to visit the Whitsunday Islands and looking forward to updating you then.
Love Clara and Dan