Pacific highway road trip!

Our next Californian adventure began when we picked up a convertible red mustang from LA airport. We were so excited for road trip to San Francisco along the pacific highway! We never thought we would be doing this when we first started travelling, and it was a dream come true! We had 7 days to do this trip and driving straight to San Fran would only take about 6 hours so we had time to explore west America.
We started our trip by travelling up the coast past Venice beach and Santa Monica, it was soon obvious how much more freedom we had and got to see so much more this way and we also felt comfortable driving in the states straight away. The roads are much bigger here and a normal road usually has at least three lanes! We were really excited the first day and spent most of it driving around LA in 100 degree heat. We hadn’t booked anywhere to stay that night but decided to drive to Pasadena which is a town just outside the centre of LA. Most of the motels we stop at have a swimming pool so it’s nice to have a swim after getting out of the car.
The next day we headed to Malibu beach along the pacific highway. This is a famous American beach and the houses on here are built on stilts. It is one of the most expensive areas we’ve been through and everything was upmarket and not very touristy. Malibu beach is beautiful and we had a lovely warm, clear day to take in the views. We stopped that night in a motel more inland from Malibu in a town called Santa Clarita. This was about an hours drive from Malibu so we had plenty of time to enjoy the mustang! At this point we had to fill up the petrol tank and we were a bit apprehensive about how much this would cost but a full tank only came to around 40$s. This is so cheap compared to prices in the UK!
We continued the next day up towards the north, we drove through the mountains and came to a big town called Bakersfield. We found a really nice hotel here which was also fairly cheap so decided to stay here for 2 nights. As we had two nights here, that evening we found a shopping mall and we hit the stores! This was the first time we had bought anything for ourselves in 6 months! We wanted to go wild but realised money was short! Our hotel here was so lovely and also had a swimming pool which we got full use of as the temperature was around 100 degrees each day.
We didn’t really want to leave this hotel, but knew we had to continue north and get a move on. We headed to a really small town called King City and whilst on this drive encountered a lot of desert! We had to drive through thick dust where the road signs ask you to put your headlights on as the visibility is so poor. While we’ve been driving the mustang, we have had a few toots from other vehicles, appreciating our lovely car! We still can’t get over how massive everything is in America, and the views we’ve seen so far are incredible.
It was then time to head to Carmel before staying the night at Monterey. We visited Carmel river state beach and Carmel river lagoon and wetlands natural preserve. The beach was much more beautiful then we had imagined and we had a little paddle but was too cold to get in fully. We then drove through Carmel valley before seeing another beach on the edge of ocean avenue. The towns here are very rich with all the expensive shops. We stayed just outside Carmel in Monterey that night before continuing up the pacific highway.
Final stop before San Fran was a little town called Gilroy and this is known for it’s outlet centre of 145 shops, so we had to go and visit! We spent the morning by the pool and then hit the shops!
Our week with the mustang has flown by and as excited as we were to get to San Fran, we were sad to give up the car! It was something we are so glad we did and got fantastic memories from our road trip!
Our last stop is in San Fran before heading home, so we will catch up with you then!
Love Dan and Clara xxx

3 thoughts on “Pacific highway road trip!

  1. so sad that this is your last blog, really going to miss them, they brightened up my mornings here in Nigeria, looking forward to seeing you girls next week

  2. This sounds amazing…I am so jealous! and what an amazing way to travel! am so looking forward to seeing you both xxx

  3. Hi Girls!

    Wow and Wow! What end end to a truly wonderful 6 months trip, you will have your memories for EVER! safe trip back to the UK and will see you Friday Danielle xxxxxx love Tara

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