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  1. OMG…………how did you manage to speak with that mask on? trust you to find flower masks, he he
    The prison scenes look dreadful we dont know we are born here in the UK do we…..good to see you are sampling the culture, enjoy and be careful xxxxTara

  2. Dan, sorry I didnt see you on screen at the weekend it was difficult to hear you but it was good that you saw your nan……..we had a fantastic time….lots of old boogie tunes…….

    The pictures recently really do show how basic far east countries are but the people humble I expect….take care and enjoy your time with Sam xxxxTara

  3. How fantastic are those elephants………now you know why I love them girls…….put me down for the programme would love to spend some time looking after them when I retire……..enjoy your girly time I think that you will all be together tomorrow (Tue) have fun! xxxxxxxxTara

  4. Girls on tour……..to you all…have a fabulous time…………..much love Tara

  5. Ahhhhh Sidney, exactly how I remembered it did you have a drink at the Rocks? I spent NY at Sydney harbour watching the fireworks, have a continued fab time girls… xxx Tara

  6. Hey Tara, im sooo sorry as only just seen your comments for some reason! Have u been putting your email address in? Seriously we are having the time of our lives!! Its the best thing ive ever done! Glad you and dad had a nice break away in the sun! Im happy that you have been reading the blogg! We have enjoyed doing it! How are you?? Big kisses xx

  7. Hi girls………glad you have seen my messages to you both……….I have kept in touch as you know and sneaky at work! I loved the wildlife in Aus would you like to stay there? We are off to Lingfield races tomorrow hoping the weather is kind……keep those bunks tidy you never know where the spiders will hide….have you seen any yet? take care of you love and hugs Tara xx

  8. Hi, So glad you spent time with people you know and nothing like home comforts! sorry Danielle if I cut your name short……Dad said I have big kiss……The weather in the UK has warmed up so looking forward to spending time on my river view patio this evening after work with the usual glass of something…….take care enjoy New Zealand girls xxxx

  9. Hi girls…..working the late nigh shift tonight hence my tapping away to make contact, Dad said you were bored with Feji it sounds like paradise but after your past busy travelling it may seem a little quiet . As June fast approaches it will be count down for coming back…….we miss you Danielle and I look forward to seeing you soon, Dads organising a BBQ I think will you be knackered on the day of your return???? love Tara

  10. Those pictures are amazing……..good to see you looking so well last night……have fun in LA Disney enjoy! you can be big kids there……..love Tara

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