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We flew from Auckland to Nadi on Fiji airways and we were surprised how good the flight was however they still had those basic tv’s that pop down in the middle, and we were sitting right underneath one so couldn’t see! Overall though we were happy to be on our way to Fiji. Once landed we were greeted by a little band who made us feel welcome and we learnt ‘Bula’ meant hello.
We had a two hour bus transfer to our resort on the coral coast of Fiji but as it was dark by this time we didn’t see much. We were glad to get to the resort and check in.
We were allocated a beach front hut which was a small room with a thatched roof with an outdoor private toilet and shower, bit different to what we were used to! As it was late we had some dinner and headed to bed. We made the mistake of not using the mosquito net around our bed and this soon was rectified at 3 am when a load of mossies were buzzing around our heads!
We had six nights here and the next morning we saw the resort in daylight and the grounds were gorgeous. Full of palm trees and well kept gardens. Every member of staff we met as well were so nice and genuinely friendly. We relaxed straight away lying on our sun loungers in between the pool and the beach.
That night we had a different kind of problem with the bugs when Larry the lizard decided to join us on our room’s wall! Dan guarded the lizard while Clara ran in her pjs to get help! Our favourite member of staff called Ben came to the rescue and got he gecko out! After that it took a while for us to relax and drift off to sleep! We’re not used to dealing with nature at this kind of closeness!
The next few days were a little repetitive and the resort had very little to do when there was rain but we made the most of it as we were grateful to be in Fiji. We did use the rain as an excuse to get a massage done each in our room though.
After the first few nights we really loved our little hut and got used to dealing with the bugs. It only became an issue when Dan nearly clothes lined herself getting out of the bed for the toilet in the middle of the night and forgot the mosquito net was round the bed!
We met some really nice people at our resort, including a couple who took advantage of a fishing trip and managed to catch a whopper of a fish! We were lucky enough to be offered it for dinner with them and it was a nice evening spent, first with dinner and then watching the international crab racing! Something different to a night out in London that’s for sure!
Although the resort was pretty and very laid back, six nights was enough for us and we were ready to hit the states! This is our last country to visit and soon we’ll be back to reality! We want the next month to go slow but we know it won’t as we have loads planned!
Speak to you in LA!
Love Clara and Dan x